Tuomas Toivonen is a Helsinki-based architect, performer and musician. Whether constructing analog monoliths in a club setting or giving musical lectures in art galleries, his musical work investigates the structural, suggestive and communicational potential of music, voice and text. The lyrics are compact observations and analyses, and read like spoken diagrams, narrative perspectives, or musical manifestos.

Tuomas performs as solo artist with a live analog electronic or electro-acoustic setups in gallery, lecture, concert and club contexts. He is a founding member of finnish dub-rock pioneer group Giant Robot, and plays 303 in Jori Hulkkonen's Acid Symphony Orchestra. He has performed solo concerts in various settings such as Sònar Festival, Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, ICA London, Flow festival and Victoria & Albert Museum.

Tuomas has appeared in various outfits on more than 20 releases on varied labels from EMI-Parlophone and Stupido Records to Position Underground and Sähkö's Keys of Life.