Aku Raski, alias Huoratron, a bearded powerplant of a man. With his harsh and hardly danceable sounds he has tried to rock dancefloors for years already.

Behind the name (“Whore-a-tron”) is Aku Raski, who was involved in the retro electro group Nu Science around the turn of the century, and released his solo debut “Koottava” MCD in 2000. In 2002, Huoratron was born, first as a project, where Raski very effectively used two Game Boy consoles to produce experimental electro.house

Since then, he has updated his gear but maintained the tough sound and raw aesthetics. This spring finally saw the release of Huoratron’s debut EP “$$ Troopers”. As a member of the New Judas collective, Huoratron has found its place among the movement in raw electronic dance music led by such names as Daft Punk, Justice and Boys Noize.

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